The Uganda Tourism Board is in the final process of the recruitment of international Public Relations firms that will be marketing Uganda to the rest of the world.
The PR firms which will be marketing Uganda are:
These firms will officially be unveiled at a ceremony to be presided over by the President next week.
This morning, we met with the CEOs of these PR firms at a meeting held at UTB and as UHOA we have quiet alot to do if we are to benefit from the publicity of these firms.
What UHOA Members need to do:
  • Service: These PR firms will be targeting the high end clientele because regular travelers usually want to go where the rich vacation. In that case as UHOA we need to greatly improve on the service in our hotels. Much as the high end clientele have the potential to market the destination, they also have the same potential to destroy the destination if it does not meet their standard. We shall be organizing alot of training programs and we request our hotel managers who can assist us in the training to register with UHOA.
  • Quality Marketing materials,photos, websites, magazines: Hotels now need to invest in professional photographs and websites of your establishment. As you well know, the markets we are now targeting are very well informed and they do research before they visit  any destination. Please make sure details of your hotel are update both on your website and the UHOA website. 
  • Presence on Social media: Social media is one of the cheapest and most effective marketing tools today. Its also one of the quickest ways you can interact with your clients. Please make sure that you have very active social media accounts and a dedicated staff to respond to all queries and make regular updates.
  • Pricing of your hotel rooms: As you are aware, some of the common complaints we get is that hotels in Uganda are too expensive and this makes Uganda as a destination expensive as well. We kindly request all our members to review the pricing of your rooms to take into account the high seasons and the low seasons so that we market them all year round.
  • Special Events at your hotels: We also request all our members to inform us of any special events at your hotels in advance so that we can be able to write an article which we can submit to the PR firms for publishing in their press. Easter is around the corner and we are working on a campaign for the hotels which we shall share with you shortly.
  • Participation at Tourism Fairs: We expect the PR firms to increase interest of Uganda in the international press and one of the avenues they are going to use the the tourism fairs around the world. As you know, UHOA has never participate at any of these fairs due to lack of capacity and financing. With your support, we would like UHOA to participate at these fairs this and make use of the publicity from the PR firms to market our hotels abroad. We shall keep you updated.
As always, please let us know where you need assistance from the secretariat.
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