We were invited by Mr. Tamale to visit the Tamales Showroom. The Tamales is the biggest supplier of Hotel and Restaurant equipment in Uganda. They offer solutions for all hotel equipment. 
Last year, Mr. Tamale offered all UHOA member free consultancy on Kitchen layout and design in our hotels. He has once again reiterated this offer for our members. Mr. Tamale has also given us a manager, Mr Jamil Jumba who will be in charge of assisting all UHOA Member hotels. UHOA members can still get tax exemption on any hotel operational materials that they purchase through the Tamales and they also get the benefit of follow up and great customer care.
Mr. Tamale would like to extend an invitation to all UHOA Members to visit the showroom and check out the new products on offer. He is very passionate about the hotel sector and we request all our members to reach out to him for advice especially on kitchen equipment and design. 
Mr. Tamale can be reached on 0772 455924. He is also copied on this email for all members who would like to get in touch with him.
All UHOA members get a discount on all products from the Tamales.